Downtown Tacoma Condo

The client had just purchased this 4,000 sf condo in downtown Tacoma. We were hired to fill this condo with custom furniture and window treatments and artwork. He had very little to fill his new home and we wanted to give him a masculine sophisticated look by using a rich neutral palette along with a Ralph Lauren leather sofa, hand knotted rugs and interesting accessories. He wanted to incorporate some special local photography and artwork, which were a nice addition to the overall design.

"I had a very large empty residential space, and knew I needed professional help in filling it. When I first met with Stefanie and the others at Three Design, they asked me about the look I was hoping to achieve. After I gave them a very general concept, they did a fantastic job of selecting furniture and furnishings, some of them unique. I still get a lot of compliments on the way my home looks. When I later needed some additional items, Stefanie was quick to oblige and find exactly what I was looking for."

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